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Om att lämna sociala medier och om Metaverse

Uppdaterat: 30 jan. 2022

Det var fredsaktivisten, talaren, författaren och poeten Henna Maria Vermeulen som inspirerade mig att äntligen ta steget, som jag så länge visste att jag behövde ta; att lämna Facebook och Instagram. Hon berättade att hon planerade att lämna innan den 1/1 2022 och jag hängde på. Det känns som ett stort steg och jag ser fram emot all den tid jag kommer att få över till annat. Henna Maria skrev följande som förklaring till sitt agerande. Håller med i allt och kunde inte sagt det bättre själv!

Ja, det är en lång text, men läs lite då och då. Och reflektera.

Foto Veronica Lounge

"Beloved sisters and brothers, as you know, I will be leaving Facebook and Instagram in the New Year, and I will be removing all of my content from there permanently.

With Facebook turning into Meta, it is clear that those platforms will be morphing into the foundations of a virtual society. It is an entire world of augmented reality made whole with the Internet of Senses. A demonic realm where one can no longer distinguish whether the sensory experience they are having is actually generated from within, or implanted from the outside, whether what they are perceiving is reality or illusion. So, I am making my move now. I will not participate in that transhumanistic dystopia, where my image and voice can be projected into an avatar in the metaverse.

I have already spoken with psychiatrists who have told me about an all new type of psychosis which they are observing in their patients. A psychosis triggered by virtual realities. I have also had numerous dreams showing me what happens when our consciousness is split, and we begin to perceive everything through the lens of social media. It distorts our identity, our sociality and our communication.

It is very easy to begin to live a life "for" the profile, without us even realising. Doing things and creating our lives for the purpose of an audience. And hence subconsciously we can become totally unaware of the true motivations of our actions - would we be doing this if there was no cameras or witnesses around?

How many influencers develop a public self, which is actually not authentic? How many influencers no longer remember who they were prior to their social media profiles? How many people lose their authentic expression, as their identity morphs into the public self, even outside of the "social media" life? How many lose touch with the raw reality of their inner self, as they seek to maintain a picture perfect image of their lives online? And how many are subconsciously constantly seeking to validate themselves and their lives through the feedback of social media?

All of these things I have been pondering for months now.

Continuous online usage also hibernates our subtle senses and blocks our visionary organs - especially the inner eye. Our mental world is not supposed to be so stimulated all the time, it is an overdose of information which saturates our mind. And this heightened and continuous state of mental stimulation very much drains our vital energy while leaving us empty of true reciprocity which the Natural world would provide us with. And as we get used to processing everything through the mind, we can easily begin to move away from our intuitive and subtle centers of awareness, from inner peace and balance.

Prolonged everyday Internet presence stunts our spiritual growth as well, as our online interactions provide us with zero actual life experience. We also barely generate any memories while we are interacting online, as our sensory presence becomes extremely limited and distorted.

This place can also insidiously substitute our real-life relationships with online connections, leaving our social life hollow at the core, without us even being aware of it. Yes, social media is amazing for getting to connect with kindred spirits all around the world, but how are our relationships in the True Earth? Do we have real intimacy with our friends? Are we building communities and getting to know our neighbours?

At the end of the day, there are only TWO currencies which generate things of real value: time and attention. We must ask ourselves, how are we spending our time, and what are we paying our attention to?

How much of the time we are commenting, posting and scrolling, could we be investing into actions which generate beauty, growth and meaning in our lives? Maybe we want to learn new skills? Learn to play an instrument, learn a new language, learn to grow food, learn to live on a raw food diet?

And what about our activism? Is our message being heard outside of our own circles? Do we go out on the streets and speak with the people in our local communities? It is easy to float in a stream of never ending posts circulating around, not realising that our message needs to reach the people outside of social media as well.

Furthermore, our message gets an entirely other dimension when it is made whole with our energetic presence. This is why I love doing outreach on the streets and speaking to people face to face. There is a magic that happens when you feel connected on a heart level. This depth of connection is nearly impossible to create virtually, as it is bound to lack the fullness of connection when we share actual presence with each other.

For all of these reasons, I will be limiting my "virtual" presence a lot from here on out. I will keep making my videos and writing my posts regularly here and on my newsletter, the platforms where my voice is not censured, but I will be focusing my presence a lot more on this beautiful Earth. My theme for the new Year will be Connection, Creativity and Community.

That being said, I want to thank all of my new friends and fellow activists here on my Telegram channel. It is an amazing gift to get to connect and get to virtually share this wild ride with you. Please subscribe also to my Odysee channel, where I have uploaded all of my banned Youtube videos (which are many).

All my love,


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