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You sit in the arms and learn.

One crawls and discovers.

You taste and feel.

MANbeing taught.

You hear and listen.

You get up and leave.

You imitate.

You imitate.

You imitate.

You think that youhave a choice.

You imitate.

One imitates. 

You imitate.

You make a choice.

You start picking mushrooms.

Proudly you come home and show off your first find. 

You have done something of your own.

You have done something and what you have chosen is beautiful.

Until someone whispers: Fly agaric is poisonous! And so it goes on ......More

Say something non-toxic!

Yes, you don't know that at first. It always starts without thinking. Innocently.

You are very happy about your driver's license. You have no idea that a car pollutes. At least I hadn't back in 1976. I drove my little beige semi-automatic bubble into my new adult life, like the gas pedal was my endorphin spray. That I had picked my fourth  fly agaric was not in my world.

Before that, I had happily unknowingly picked up sweets, alcohol and cigarettes. After all, that was the kind of thing one took in in their imitative endeavor.

What world had I been born into? The lovely mushroom forest was not entirely easy to navigate.

Had I entertained the idea of imitating my great-grandfather the homeopath, my life would have turned out differently, but would it have been better? I do not think so. Then I probably wouldn't have had my four children. More

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