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As far back as I can remember, writing has been in me since the age of 12. Until now, I was most productive while my four children were small, when I wrote, and published, three books. It is and feels like a very long time ago. Now I take the leaf from my mouth and today I start writing on this blog;A Place of Safety, Apos, which is also the name of my small publishing house.


Horses and methods

A big reason why I have had a long hiatus from writing is probably that I have (too) many passions. Horses are like a part of me, and horses take a lot of time. They teach me so much and connect me with amazing people, who teach me even more. About life. About myself. Thanks to the horses, I have come into contact with True Connection and Healing of the Heart, methods that have transformed me and my life.


Health, Math's death, more health

When I was 18 years old, I thought about studying to become a naturopath. It didn't turn out that way, but I have always carried the interest in nature and health with me. When my first child Linda was a baby in 1980, they wrote in the margin of her BVC journal "Mom environmental activist". They apparently thought it was odd that I gave my child  homemade biodynamic mashed potatoes instead of bought canned baby food. When my husband Maths got cancer in 2012, I put everything else aside to help him get well. I searched all over the world to find successful natural treatment methods and I found them. But unfortunately, cancer was discovered in several places in his body. It was too late and he died in December 2013. It was a hard blow for me and my children, but my belief in the importance of diet for our health and natural remedies persisted and rather grew stronger. The creation is amazing and I want to learn more.


You can't help but be enraptured and that leads me to tell you about the greatest passion of my life, which is the Creator himself. I have the great privilege of getting to know Him and His Son personally. This is Eternal Life and a glory beyond words. I carry a certainty, an unshakable Hope that this earth will be restored to the Eden it was from the beginning. A fascinating mystery to discover daily. My greatest joy.


Children and grandchildren and new

Other joys in my life are my four wonderful children, three daughters and one son. So fine and special, each richly endowed with beautiful personalities. Gifts to humanity, which I have been entrusted to pilot into this strange thing called life. For three years I have also had a little granddaughter, strong and beautiful Greta, who miraculously lives an almost normal life even though she was born in year 25.

Through my new love and life partner Rikard, I have been enriched with another 4 adult bonus children and 6 bonus grandchildren.


That Rikard and I found each other, in our respective difficult situations, I see as another miracle. Like how we were brought to the new common dream farm of our prayers.

In the menu at the top you will recognize topics, which I have already briefly described here, as well as a few more. Under the FAQ on the About page, you will find more information about me.

What feels important to me right now is to convey my thoughts about the time and the world we live in. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer digging journalists out there, for some reason, and the social media increasingly call unearthed truth misinformation. Many would probably label me a conspiracy theorist, but I have bigger ambitions than that. I want to bring to light the theory of the great conspiracy against humanity. Think I'll present it on two levels; a lighter, personal and sometimes artistic level, as well as a deeper more digging (I didn't write demanding!) level for those who are ready. Here we may have to go without "fact checking" for a while anyway. We run APOS as long as possible. Thank you for your patience while the site is being built. I fill up gradually.

Welcome again and make yourself at home at A Place Of Safety!

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