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Why did you start blogging?

I have long wanted to resume writing.  Then a blog feels like a good start. Not such a high bar. I need to train myself and I thought I would do that on my blog. 

What do you want to write about?

Oh, I have so much in my heart! The topics that interest me are reflected in the menu and blog categories. It feels a little early to talk about specific projects, but I want to try a continuation of my children's book Bundisarna.

Horses are a great passion and I have long wanted to write more about the methods I follow, True Connection and Healing of the Heart. They have contributed enormously to my healing and development into a better person. 

Poetry is something that comes out of me very easily. These word dances are born in green cathedrals with their large rooms of time. The conditions exist now that we have changed our lives.

Everything is connected and the driving force behind everything is my faith. The love for my Creator and his Word is like a fire. I want to tell you about my faith and about the wonderful future that awaits when everything has been reborn and restored as it was meant to be. When evil no longer rules. 

Until then, I also want to guard and stand up for the Truth by vetting the "facts", exposing ongoing conspiracies and restoring misinformation. 

Should you continue on social media?

For me, Facebook has been good in many ways, above all for keeping in touch with friends and family, both in Sweden and internationally. It has also been great for finding new contacts and friends, when someone like me has moved a couple of times in the last 6 years. Now I have changed my life so that I can resume writing again and then I need to cut back on Facebook to focus better. I am also very concerned about the increasing censorship.

Maybe I'll resume photography and focus on Instagram. We'll see. 

Why a company? What does Apos mean?

We need to have a company because we rent accommodation and will have activities with horses, courses and retreats. Our printing business, sales of books, etc. will also take place via Apos AB. Apo is Greek and is a prefix that stands for from, off, away from, detached, separate in English. In Swedish it becomes from, away or off. The acronymAPOS stands forA Place Of Safety and felt right, as a new company name, when we needed to change. We have "downsized" from a large farm with large operations to a smaller one. A place of safety refers primarily to an inner place of faith, which means a mobile security, secondarily to our new place.

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